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A bit about our daughter

Charlie is now 9 years old and has been showing for around 18 months. She competes in the Junior handling at Open and Championship level.

We are so proud of how well Charlie has taken to handling. In such short time she has qualified for Crufts 2015 and 2016 as well as the JHA semi finals.

Charlie-Lou attended the Semi Finals at BUBA Championship dog show, and was awarded 2nd Place in an extremely strong class.

Charlie-Lou has also been handling Mia in breed classes at open level and has been doing very well.

At her last show she gained "Best of Breed" and then went on to win "Utility group 1".

She also handled in the YKC  6-11 Year olds Junior handling class and was awarded first place, qualifying her for Crufts 2016.

We would like to thank our friend Hollie Kavanagh for all her help with the training of Charlie-Lou. Hollie has been training Charlie-lou for a short time and we can not believe how much she has improved.

They are an amazing team and Hollie really gets the best out of Charlie-Lou, her confidence has soared and she is shaping into a great little handler. Already she has been asked to handle dogs for other exhibitors and has done so with great success! We look forward to seeing how this great team progresses.

So this is where we are upto in our life of dogs and I hope you enjoy looking around our website

Stacie,Paul,Charlie-Lou and Elsie

Welcome to Havance I hope you enjoy your visit

II am Stacie,

I share this Affix with my husband Paul and our two daughters Charlie-Lou and Elsie. We are a small family from Portsmouth, on the south coast of the UK.

We have always been involved with dogs as from a young age in our family homes.

As a child I loved animals and grew very fond of horses owning my own as soon as i could afford one.

Havance History

We now have a lovely family of our own and decided we would like a dog.

Straight away Paul wanted a English Bulldog so we sit down and discuss this, me having horses, I'm not keen. I wanted a breed that could be active enough to keep going around the yard for more than 30 minutes.

So Paul suggests a French Bulldog, smaller yes, we're now on the right track. So I then suggest a Boston Terrier, Paul has never heard of a Boston Terrier so goes off to research the breed.

After a few weeks of studying the breed and making sure it's the right breed for us, we are happy that it is a Boston we will adopt as are new member of the family.

We have been showing now since 2012, listened and learnt quite a bit and find ourselves in a very good place in the breed. We have found  good friends who help on a regular basis and thank them for all of their help.

We own two show dogs at present and will later be breeding the next generation of the Havance team.

Lets take a look at our dogs: First is "Chiarita Beauty Gremlins for Havance AKA Ria. We bought Ria from a very well know kennel in Slovakia The Beauty Gremlins kennel, run and owned by our friend Klaudia

In 2014 we took Ria across to Germany to the Dortmund VDH European show where she gained her title "VDH European winner 2014".

Huge thank you to the Judge on the day Mrs Corina Munch.

Thats it we are hooked.

Later that year we decided we would like to add to our family and start looking  for something special. After a few months we hear of a litter and find ourselves in Scotland at the world famous Yakee kennel.

We are greeted by Bert and Phillip and leave their home with our new fur baby "Yakee let it be me for Havance". AKA Mia.

We are very pleased with how Mia has turned out and both myself and my daughter Charlie-lou show Mia,  In puppy alone she has gained her Junior Warrant, RCC, 5 best puppy in breed, 1 Utility puppy group 1 at a championship show, 2 'Best Puppy in Show' at The boston Terrier club show and ending her puppy career as 'Top Boston Terrier Puppy 2015'.

We are extremely excited about Mia's future show career and will update on her progress.